Value Stream Map Consulting

Through Incito’s Value Stream Mapping process, you will gain an end-to-end holistic view of your entire business enterprise which will serve as a roadmap toward a common vision of success.

Incito’s Value Stream Mapping (VSM) consulting will create a visual value stream tool and data box that maps all required steps to deliver a product or service from a supplier to the ultimate customer. This map will flow through every layer of a business, charting the ideal state that maximizes lead time and efficiency, minimizes cost, and in turn, helps you implement Lean Six Sigma practices at every step along the way.

How Incito’s Value Stream Consulting Will Help Your Business

Create a company-wide True North vision

Incito’s Value Stream consulting helps businesses create a True North vision for companies and suppliers. Executives can use this plan to point team members and suppliers in the right direction. Incito’s experienced group of consultants also help you create new ways of developing an integrated and engaged organization with a shared view culture, a common view of success, and an efficient, streamlined infrastructure. During this process we will also specify what real value means from the perspective of the customer.

Eliminate functional waste

Incito’s consultants also help organizations remove function waste from their enterprises. We use our Value Stream Map to visualize how companies can effectively meet the needs of the final consumer. We walk you through every step of the business cycle and eliminate the ones that don’t contribute to company goals.

Map out your current & future business state

Incito works with enterprises to capture all stream map steps and metrics, including SIPOC mapping, current-state mapping, future state mapping, and more. This erodes obstacles and defects and simplifies the process of meeting customer demand. Additionally, our consultants draw on their experience with the Toyota Production System and teach participants how to utilize the Stream Maps to determine sources of overburdening (muri), unevenness (mura), and overall waste (muda) within each step to establish process flow.

Create a clear path to continuous improvement

We collaborate with businesses to pursue continuous improvement and steer processes towards established end-points. Under our guidance, businesses will create a process template or map to assess problems in real-time, improve their assembly lines, leverage logistics, and enhance product delivery.

  • With Incito, they had the capabilities, energy, passion, and tools to unite my team. With Incito, we were able to bring our team together and agree on a unified vision statement.

    — Thomas Snyder | President of Silgan Containers

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  • Incito looks at a transformation with the culture first. The Incito team was really good about blending in, allowing us to be who we are, while still bringing in new concepts that we could fit into what we do. They taught us how to implement the processes and trained us to become Lean experts.

    — David Moore | President of Rex Moore

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  • There's a lot of opportunity in our industry to improve with Lean. It was comforting having Incito walk through our foundry, and specifically nail a couple of ideas where we could improve in their short first visit. Incito was right, because we tackled those areas and had some big successes.

    — Mike Emmerichs | VP of Operations at Pacific Steel

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Ready to get started with Value Stream Mapping?

Incito Consulting is ready to help transform your business.

Incito offers a variety of services around Value Stream Mapping

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Our Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop gives businesses the ability to design, schedule, and create what customers want at the right time and the right place. This will allow customers to pull continuously while the business competes against perfection. Incito will also teach participants how to conduct key performance indicator (KPI) validation against their Future State Value Stream Map.

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Total Lean Growth Strategy Workshop

The Incito Total Lean Growth Strategy Workshop teaches participants how to align organizational priorities and objectives through all levels, from product development and sales to supply chain and the end customer. As executives transform their business, they start eliminating waste in all aspects, allowing them to transcend beyond the confines of existing services and products.

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