Lean Visual Management and Visual Control Consulting

A TRUE Visual Management and Visual Control System is designed to provide effective information and communication through visual signals and controls that allow your organization to perform at the highest levels

Now more than ever, organizations are reestablishing their foundation of Visual Management by understanding the fundamental principles of change through the use of Visual Controls. Forward thinking organizations understand the concept of building stability and improving capability through safe and effective Visual Management and Visual Control Systems.

During the Incito’s inspiring deployment model participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain and continuously improve the following process;

  • Standardize and Sustain Visual Controls and Visual Management Systems
  • Develop mechanism to ensure information sharing across individuals, departments and divisions
  • Train participants on how to assign zones of responsibility
  • Develop and Deploy  Visual Control and Visual Management Centers
  • How to develop and Post Visual Management and Visual Control Organization Audit Programs
  • Establish Visual Management and Visual Control Standards customized for your organization including;
    • Colors
    • Labels
    • Signs
    • Borders
    • Locations
    • Forms
    • Assessment Tools