Policy Deployment, (Hoshin Kanri) Consulting

Policy Deployment, also known as Hoshin Kanri, is a strategic planning methodology utilized as a way of aligning the company’s vision and priorities across all levels of the organization.

Policy Deployment is truly optimized when organizations synthesize their strategic vision with their overall objectives.  The outcome is an integrated direction and perspective of your organizations vision and overall strategy.

Through the Incito Consulting Group Policy Deployment, (Hoshin Kanri), process, participants will learn how to use Hoshin Kanri as a strategic planning process to establish your “True North” Vision and overarching corporate strategy.

During the Incito’s inspiring deployment model participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain and continuously improve the following process;

  1. Deep  Dive Review of current business activities and business environment
  2. Design of Innovative Breakthrough objectives
  3. Obtain agreement of company business objectives
  4. Develop world-class strategies designed to meet the agreed business objectives
  5. Develop key measures and balanced scorecard for tracking performance
  6. Develop supportive action plans and measures
  7. Implementation of Strategic Business Plan
  8. Structured execution of strategies across the organization
  9. Process Design for Periodical Review and Adjustment
  10. Annual Review process, (PDCA)