How Policy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) Consulting Drives Strategic Transformations

Policy Deployment, also known as Hoshin Kanri, is a strategic planning methodology that focuses on aligning a company’s vision and priorities across all levels of the organization. From the highest levels of strategic planning to frontline implementation, Hoshin Kanri helps companies recognize that they only achieve their goals when executives, mid-level managers, and employees share the same vision.

Strategy, Tactics, and Operations: The Three Levels of Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment is truly effective when organizations align their strategic vision with their overall objectives. By establishing your company’s most important customer-driven objectives and clarifying how they impact every member of your workforce from the CEO to your most recent hire, you’ll be positioned to achieve your most important business goals quickly and efficiently.

Through the Incito Consulting Group Policy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) process, participants will learn:

  • How the company can use Hoshin Kanri as a master-level strategic planning process
  • Ways for executives to establish their “True North” Vision and overarching corporate strategy to guide the company’s direction
  • Communication, management, and review techniques to help middle managers translate that strategy into actionable tactics
  • How to translate management’s tactics into measurable, repeatable processes and operations that will help your employees complete high-quality work that adds to your company’s bottom line

How Incito’s Policy Deployment Process Works

During Incito’s inspiring deployment model participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain, and continuously improve the following processes:

  • Conducting a deep dive review of current business activities and the broader business environment
  • Designing Innovative Breakthrough objectives
  • Obtaining agreement on company business objectives
  • Developing world-class strategies designed to meet agreed-upon business objectives
  • Developing key measures and implementing the Balanced Scorecard Methodology for tracking performance
  • Developing supportive action plans and measures to help employees succeed at all levels
  • Determining the steps for implementing the strategic business plan
  • Effectively structuring the execution of strategies across the organization
  • Planning process design for the Period Review and Adjustment Annual Process Review procedures (PDCA)

For companies that are seeking new ways to manage their strategic planning processes, Hoshin Kanri can provide the necessary tools. Strategic planning’s impact is optimized when it aligns with a company’s True North vision. From there, executives, middle managers, and frontline employees alike can employ the strategies, tactics, and operational processes to bring that vision into reality.

Are you interested in learning more about how Hoshin Kanri can help your company achieve its strategic goals today? Contact Incito Consulting to learn more or get started with the process.