Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma is structured, scientific method to improve every aspect of your business, processes through the highest level of performance by your people. It is about engaging in disciplined data collection and analysis and leveraging your existing systems through an integrated process of both, Lean and Six Sigma. The end result is the elimination of waste, the reduction in variation and the elevation towards the next level of sophisticated continuous improvement tools.

The fundamental success of Lean Six Sigma does not stem from any one given element, tool, or technique as it is a collective system which integrates the strategic utilization of these tools by empowered and engaged team members.

During the Incito’s inspiring deployment model participants will learn how to plan, deploy, assess, validate, sustain and continuously improve the following process;

  • Step 1- Lean Six Sigma Foundation and Stability
    • Vision Setting and Alignment
    • Launch planning/ Governance Team Training
    • Six Sigma Foundation
  • Step 2- Lean Six Sigma Analysis and Planning
    • Enterprise Value Stream Mapping/ SIPOC
    • Six Sigma Deployment Master Schedule
    • P.I.C.K chart
  • Step 3- Lean Six Sigma Training
    • Initial training Lean Six Sigma deployment  through modularized, (hands-on) process
    • Incito Man, (Live Simulation)
  • Step 4- Lean Six Sigma Deployment
    • Execute DMAIC Kaizen, (Six Sigma)
    • Team Based Problem Solving
    • 5S Workplace Organization
    • SPC
  • Step 5- Expand and Sustain
    • Leader Standard Work
    • Gemba Leadership