Incito’s Value Stream Mapping Consulting: Finding the Flow for Your Business

Rivers, even when they don’t look like it, are always flowing downhill. Through the years, they carve out for themselves the very best paths, eroding obstacles and creating new channels, until they have the clearest way to their destination. It’s simplification and determination, and that’s what your business needs. That’s what Value Stream Mapping Consulting from Incito can bring to every organization.

The Benefits of Value Stream Mapping Consulting

With Incito’s Value Stream Mapping Consulting, we create a visual tool that maps all actions required to deliver a product or service to the ultimate customer. This map flows through every layer of your organization, charting the right course that maximizes efficiency, minimizes cost, and helps you implement Lean Six Sigma practices at every step along the way.

Value Stream Mapping allows organizations to create an arrangement of people, processes, technology, and methods in a standardized and sequential order, all with one goal in mind: to most effectively meet the needs of the final consumer. This doesn’t stop with vendors or middlemen. Process mapping helps those vendors and middlemen reach their consumers, establishing a full chain of success and profit that leads to the top, and ultimately back to you.

Organizational Improvement at Every Level

Value Stream Mapping for organizational transformation involves implementing the following steps:

  • Create a True North vision for your company to point it in the right direction
  • Specify what real value means from the perspective of the customer
  • Map the entire enterprise, removing all waste. Map all steps, including:
    • Current State Mapping
    • Future State Mapping
    • Ideal State Mapping
    • SIPOC Mapping
  • Improve the Flow by minimizing and eliminating stoppages, variations, and backflows
  • Pursue continuous improvement, steering always toward perfection
  • Sustain this Value Stream Improvement through strategy, vision, and Global Standard Work for Leaders

At Incito, we know that your vision for the future can’t be a lazy trickle: it has to be a roaring, free-flowing river. We want to help you ride that river, improving your process at every step of the way and at every level, and creating a coherent and efficient flow for your company. Value Stream Mapping Consulting can get you on the boat; to learn how, connect with us today.