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Reducing Waste for Maximum Profits in the Food Manufacturing Industry with Strategic Lean Consulting

 A meat processing plant wanted to discover a way to maximize their profits. They had been processing mostly lunchmeats through their plant, but were continuously losing money. They needed to find a means to assess how it was happening, &h ... reducing waste in food manufacturin with lean consulting Read More
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Lean Consultants Help Hospitals Use Lean Principles During Facility Design and Construction

If you’re like many people, you think of people and processes when you think of lean initiatives, but sometimes lean is more than that. Sometimes lean thinking is embedded into the very design of buildings themselves. Increasingly, or ... lean consultants and hospital facility design Read More
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How a Lean Consulting Firm Can Focus Your Manufacturing Company’s Leadership Development Strategy

If “leadership development” seems like a buzzword to you with little actual meaning, maybe you need to look to lean strategies. For manufacturing businesses especially–which are suffering heavily from the brain-drain impac ... lean consulting for leadership development in manufacturing Read More
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Using True North to Align Healthcare Stakeholder Messaging: Clinical, Administrative, and Regulatory

While I work with companies across industries, few organizations have as much at stake around communication as hospitals. Not only does communication impact their financial performance and regulatory compliance–but people’s lives are on ... true north in healthcare Read More
Food Industry, Lean

Improving Retail Food Sales Performance: How Lean Consulting Supports Better In-Store Performance

With a new year underway, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve performance–both mine and that of customers. Complete overhauls are often hard. They take tremendous willpower, commitment, and planning. However, incremental i ... lean consulting in retail food sales Read More
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Integrating Lean Into Your Facility Design for Metals Manufacturing

In a fascinating discussion with a colleague, I got an inside look at how lean design is playing a critical role for today’s metals manufacturing companies. Poorly designed metals plants simply don’t thrive—and in fact, can hamstring ... lean and metals manufacturing Read More
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Can the Right Lean Strategy Deployment Eliminate Your Food Company’s Packaging Problems?

A while back, I picked up some seafood for a casual dinner with friends and glanced at the sell-by date. It was well in the future—so I went ahead and made the dinner. Unfortunately, one of our guests actually got … lean strategy and packaging problems Read More
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Target vs. Actual: How Overall Equipment Effectiveness Can Improve Plant Floor Performance

When one manufacturing company that I ultimately worked with decided to tackle the problem of losses in production, they were reacting to a small but insidious decline in production. They decided to implement an Overall Equipment Effectiven ... overall equipment effectiveness to improve plant floor performance Read More
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Using Hoshin Kanri Planning to Specify Your Healthcare Organization’s Vision

Recently, I had the chance to consult with a hospital that couldn’t get any lean initiatives–or other efforts for that matter–to gain traction. On closer investigation, it became clear that not one of the senior level executiv ... hoshin kanri planning and healthcare Read More
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Aiming for Zero Defects: Using Kamishibai to Drive Quality Auditing in the Medical Device Industry

Aiming for zero defects–or the highest possible quality–is at the heart of an effective manufacturing strategy. Recently, I got to see a company in action that took an innovative approach to get there. A company in New Jersey ha ... kamishibai in the medical device industry Read More
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What to Do When Pull Signals and Push Demand Don’t Align in Fresh Food Manufacturing

Recently, I had the opportunity to consult with a food manufacturing company that was trying to reduce spoilage and waste by using a push and pull system. But there were technology gaps in the process and the company was overlooking &hellip ... pull signals and push demand in fresh food manufacturing Read More
Food Industry, Lean

How Food Industry Leaders Are Thinking About Their 2017 Lean Enterprise Transformation Plans

I have worked with companies in the food sector for two decades, and I don’t think that companies have ever faced a more dynamic and challenging business environment than they do now. The fundamental way organizations operate within the ... 2017 lean enterprise transformation Read More
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