5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management (The Forgotten Principles) Workshop

A TRUE 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management System is a method used to build a strong cultural foundation and rapidly enhance product flow while improving quality and reducing total lead time. The process is also designed to train and facilitate waste identification as well as continuous improvement activity.

As organizations continue to face unprecedented challenges with less time to comply, they have succumbed to rapid “house-keeping” solutions that has negatively impacted the organization from an operational, organizational and most importantly, cultural perspective.

Through the Incito 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management Workshop participants will learn practical application strategies to implement “TRUE” 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

  • How to conduct high level 5S Workplace Organizations assessments to determine the level of effort and support required to effectively transfer Visual Control and Management Systems across your Operating System (Operations and Service)
  • How to effectively design and deploy a “TRUE” Red Tag Process and Holding Area
  • How to facilitate the actual change and cleanup process through the use of Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain through Safe and effective processes including the implementation of INITIAL necessary Visual Controls and Visual Management Systems
  • How to determine, arrange, and document location for Visual Management System locations
  • Teach participants the importance of Visual Management as it relates to Lean principles in an effort to effectively transfer knowledge for optimal sustainability
  • How to develop Visual Control and Visual Management Center standard to be utilized and replicated across each of the designated locations for improvement
  • Train on the importance of SIMPLE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS and agree upon metrics to be posted in Visual Management Centers
  • How to develop and post reaction and recovery plans
  • How to develop and Post 5S Workplace Organization Audit Program
  • How to develop and Post Color and Visual Control Standards
  • How to capture and follow up on 5S Workplace Organization Open Item List to ensure 100% completion rate