Total Lean and Green Energy Management Process Workshop

With drastically rising fuel and electricity costs, organizations are constantly looking for ways to efficiently utilize energy in design, production and service functions alike. A Total Lean and Green Energy Management Process seeks to increase awareness and integrate a holistic process to directly and indirectly manage energy consumption through effective Lean systems and processes.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

Participants will learn the critical aspect of a Total Lean and Green Energy Management Process which includes:

  • Energy Management Enterprise Value Stream Map assessments
  • Energy consumption audits
  • Lean and Green research
  • Communication and training
  • Key performance Energy Management metric tracking
  • Reporting of environmental compliance

Participants will also learn how each utility is collected, generated or supplied as well as where they are utilized and how to effectively measure their usage. Utilities that participants will focus on include:

  • Natural Gas (NG)
  • Electricity
  • Compressed Air (CA)
  • Steam
  • Not Potable Water (NPW)
  • Chilled Water (CHW)
  • Waste Water Treatment (WWT)

Next, participants will learn the (6) Principles of Energy Conservation which includes:

  • Eliminate: Ask the question, “Why is this equipment or process needed?”
  • Fix: Air leaks, water leaks, steam traps that blow through, broken doors, torn insulation, etc.
  • Stop: Is equipment being left on line that is not producing usable work? Are lights on that are currently not needed?
  • Lower: Can the pressure set point be reduced on compressed air or steam? Can the temperature set point be minimized on a heating process?
  • Re-use: Can the water going to waste be reused in another process? Can the hot gasses coming from a process be captured in a heat exchanger and reused in another process?
  • Replace: Is there another source of energy that is more cost effective? Can gas heat be substituted for steam?