Lean Product Development (3P/ Production, Preparation, Process) Workshop

The Production Preparation Process (3P) is one of the most advanced and powerful tools of Lean Enterprise Transformation. As your organization transforms through the total elimination of waste, Production Preparation Process (3P) is a strategic focus on eliminating waste through product, process and service design.

3P seeks to meet customer needs and requirements by increasing the flow and velocity of the development, test and process design of new products, processes and services. With today’s competitive environment it is imperative that this process require the least time, material, and capital as possible.

Through the 3P process, organizations will begin to design products, processes and services that eliminate wasteful and redundant steps through the use “right-sized” methodologies and processes providing agile, flexible and dynamic processes that best meet customer needs and expectations.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

Upon completion of this presentation participants will understand the fundamental steps to conducting an effective and robust Production, Preparation Process. In addition participants will receive the effective transfer of knowledge that will allow them to “think differently” when identifying opportunities to design products and/ or processes. Some of the key sills attendees will learn will include:

  • How to conduct the (10) step Production Preparation Process for Products, Process and Service Design
  • The principles of how to design and construct additive processes and equipment as opposed to monuments that allows for world-class flow
  • How to design and construct versatile equipment and processes that can be easily reconfigured and which allows for easy changeovers and setup
  • How to relentlessly pursue the steps of “Jidoka” by separating equipment and human activity
  • How to build a world-class culture of problem solvers and continuous improvement