Lean Supply Chain Workshop

The Supply Chain is distinct link of processes that enable organizations to deliver products and services to end customers. As these processes are performed minute by minute, value as defined by the customer may be impacted negatively the less synergistic your supply chain performs. The lean supply chain process must strive to reduce and eliminate waste or non-value added activities throughout the chain and the products and services that flow throughout the entire process.

Through the Incito Lean Supply Chain Strategy Workshop participants will learn practical application strategies to bridge the gap between customer and supplier utilizing a demand driven approach that enables the entire supply chain to produce or provide what and how much is needed, when it is needed, and where it is needed. This approach will bring organizations closer to their customers thus increasing velocity, quality and delivery while dramatically reducing inventory and waste throughout the entire process.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

The Incito Lean Supply Chain Strategy Workshop focuses on:

  • Lean Suppliers
  • Lean Procurement
  • Lean Production
  • Lean Warehousing
  • Lean Transportation
  • Lean Customers

The Incito Lean Supply Chain Strategy Workshop benefits include:

  • World-class responsiveness
  • Reduced Inventory levels
  • Reduced “four wall” and external costs
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (loyalty)

The Incito Supply Chain Strategy Workshop provides organizations the competitive advantage and leadership in the global marketplace. Our approach will provide the entire Supply Chain with the knowledge, commitment, strategic planning, collaboration, and roadmap for success.