Total Lean Growth Strategy Workshop

Lean Enterprise Transformation is a Growth Strategy where by creating value to the end market thus positioning your organization as the premier provider of choice. As you transform your organization you will begin to eliminate waste (muda, mura, muri) in all aspects of your business allowing you to transcend well beyond the confines of existing products and services. To truly establish and internalize a Lean Enterprise, all facets of the enterprise must become players on the field of change and growth.

Through the Incito Total Lean Growth Strategy Workshop participants will learn how to aligning the company’s objectives and priorities through all levels from product development, sales, scheduling, operations, supply chain through to your end customer. As your Lean Growth Strategy is deployed the end result is a high degree of alignment through the organization , positive impact to your cost base, shortened lead times and time-to-market for new products and superior flexibility with less capital investment which allows you to plan for growth.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

  • TRUE Kaizen process, eliminate the Whack a Mole effect
  • Detailed analysis and review of current business activities and environment
  • Alignment of company business objectives
  • Development of Lean Growth Strategies designed to meet the agreed business objectives
  • Identification of key performance measures for tracking performance
  • Communication and deployment of strategies throughout the organization
  • Development of supportive Lean Growth Strategy Roadmap
  • Implementation of Lean Growth Strategy Roadmap
  • Development and implementation of effective governance structure
  • Periodical Review and Adjustment
  • Final Review to act as input to following years planning