"True North" Kaizen , (Boot-Camp)

Kaizen is a daily activity, which goes beyond the confines of simple productivity improvement. It is a way of thinking AND doing whereby instances of waste are eliminated. Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement in which EVERYTHING can and must be improved. It is a process that engages the “human element” by eliminating muri, (overburdening of people and equipment) mura, (uneveness) and muda, (waste). True North Kaizen teaches people how to improve their processes using a scientific method as well as the closed-loop Shewhart cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to create goals, choose control points, and link improvement activities to your organizations overall strategy.

The intent of Kaizen is to deliver incremental improvements, yet done correctly, the culture of continual aligned improvements and standardization yields tremendous results in the form of compound Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale improvement.

Upon completion of the Incito Kaizen Boot-Camp, participants will be able to effectively lead and drive Kaizen Events which will be linked to your organizations overall strategy.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

  • How to Identify, Select and Clearly define the scope and objectives of the Kaizen
  • How to Observe, Analyze and create the preliminary Current State Map
  • How to Generate potential solutions, new ideas and effective countermeasures
  • How to Select and effectively plan solutions
  • How to Prepare Kaizen plans and standardized documentation which includes:
    • A3 Report Writing
    • Kaizen Checklists
    • Kaizen Charter
    • Kaizen Agenda
    • Kaizen Roles and Responsibilities
    • Lessons Learned (Hansei/ Reflection process)
    • Kaizen “Tailgate” Training
  • Execution of new methods, Implement solutions
  • How to Evaluate Kaizen effects and recording best practices
  • How to Standardize the improvement process
  • How to Institutionalize improvement through effective Follow-up