Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is an end-to-end and holistic view of your entire business enterprise. An effective Enterprise Value Stream map will define value as defined by the ultimate customer, meeting their needs at a specific price at a specific time with optimum value. In addition, the Enterprise Value Stream Map will identify the set of all specific actions required to bring a specific product, (good or service) through critical tasks while identifying critical areas in which value-creating steps must flow.

Upon completion of the Incito Enterprise Value Stream Mapping Workshop, participants will be able to effectively lead an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping session and complete a Current and Future State map which will provide you with the ability to design, schedule, and make exactly what the customer wants when the customer wants it allowing the customer to PULL Continuously while your organization continuously competes against perfection.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain

  • How to Conduct Value Stream Map by selecting key processes and families starting with the customer and working through a “reverse process”
  • How to Utilize (Current State) Value Stream Map to identify current state of performance against ideal performance requirements
  • How to Define and assess waste opportunities within the Value Streams, information, material, and physical transformation flow associated with quality, rework, problem resolution, communication, lead time and overall customer service
  • How to Utilize P.I.C.K. Chart to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities that will immediately enhance your competitive position and financial performance
  • How to Utilize the (Current State) Value Stream Map to determine sources of unevenness, (MURA), overburdening (MURI) and overall waste (MUDA) within each process in an effort to establish process flow
  • How to Measure current use of Lean methodologies, tools and processes with relation to 5S, Visual Management and Visual Controls, Standardized Work, Level Schedule, Continuous Flow, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Pull Systems, Abnormality Detection, Quality/ Process Stop, Problem Solving, Versatility
  • How to Prepare a Future State Map and gap analysis representing the current state as it relates to your Vision, assumptions and company strategy
  • How to conduct Key Performance Indicator validation against Future State Value Stream Map
  • Clearly define Enterprise Value Stream Managers as well as their specific roles and responsibilities with regard to the Future State deployment
  • How to Develop a Master Schedule Roadmap and milestones with the Value Stream Managers that will focus on creating a stable Future State