Lean Supply Chain Consulting

Gain advantage, agility, and leadership in the global marketplace and world-class performance through Incito’s Global Supply Chain solutions.

Through our deployment model our clients will learn practical application strategies to bridge the gap between customer and supplier utilizing a demand driven approach that enables the entire supply chain to perform at the highest levels. This approach will bring your organization closer to your customers, thus increasing velocity, quality and delivery, while dramatically reducing inventory and waste throughout the entire process.

How Incito’s Lean Supply Chain Consulting Will Help Your Business

Supply Chain Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Roadmap Design

Incito works with businesses to design supply chain enterprise Value Stream Maps and roadmaps. These maps help organizations pinpoint and mitigate gaps in the supply chain. By the end of our training, participants will be able to effectively complete Current and Future state maps and lead Enterprise Value Stream Mapping sessions.

Lean Procurement Strategies

Incito will also help organizations remove function waste from their supply chains. We work with enterprise executives to create, refine, and deploy methodologies across their supply chain to increase labor efficiency and flexibility. This empowers companies to reduce labor costs and increase return on investment (ROI).

Lean Warehousing Deployment Strategies/Modeling

Incito will help company executives deploy lean procurement strategies, transportation and distribution systems, supplier alignment strategies, and warehousing modeling and deployment strategies. We work with clients to plan, assess, deploy, validate, sustain, and improve every link in supply chains through logistics consulting.

Lean Supplier Alignment Strategies

To ensure consistency in quality and labor efficiency, we develop strategies to help everyone in an organization’s supply chain work from the same book. These strategies help companies mitigate the effect of overseas events that are beyond their control so that supply chains are always lean and ready to go.

  • With Incito, they had the capabilities, energy, passion, and tools to unite my team. With Incito, we were able to bring our team together and agree on a unified vision statement.

    — Thomas Snyder | President of Silgan Containers

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  • Incito looks at a transformation with the culture first. The Incito team was really good about blending in, allowing us to be who we are, while still bringing in new concepts that we could fit into what we do. They taught us how to implement the processes and trained us to become Lean experts.

    — David Moore | President of Rex Moore

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  • There's a lot of opportunity in our industry to improve with Lean. It was comforting having Incito walk through our foundry, and specifically nail a couple of ideas where we could improve in their short first visit. Incito was right, because we tackled those areas and had some big successes.

    — Mike Emmerichs | VP of Operations at Pacific Steel

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Incito Offers a Variety of Services Around Lean Supply Chain Consulting

True North Strategy Service

Companies must have a strong strategic view of their market demands, tactical actions, and daily activities to successfully deploy a lean transformation. Incito helps companies to align their visions to market demands, tactical actions, strategy execution, and daily activity. Our consultants show company executives a new way to develop an integrated and engaged organization with a common culture, view of success, and values.

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Standardized Work Training Within Industry Workshop

The Incito Standardized Work Training Within Industry Workshop gives front-line team members and supervisors the methodologies and tools to build an effective culture of standards and knowledge transfer. We teach participants the importance of training to production, the “Four Basic Steps” of standardized work training, how to build an effective job instruction plan, and more.

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