Incito Man Lean Simulation Workshop

Learn about the history of Lean/Lean Six-Sigma integration, the true principles of Kaizen/Continuous Improvement, 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management, and more!

Incito Man Lean Simulation

Our hands-on live simulation demonstrates how Lean methodologies can be implemented in a systematic approach to create customer-driven processes and drive operational effectiveness and profitability throughout an entire organization.

Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain:

  • The History of Lean/ Lean Six-Sigma integration
  • The True Principles of Kaizen/ Continuous Improvement
  • Systematic Identification and Elimination of Waste
  • Defining Value Versus Non-Value added activity
  • 5S Workplace Organization and Visual Management
  • Standardized Work and Training Within Industry principles
  • Principles of Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean for Service and Administration
  • Jidoka/ Quality at the Source/ Source Inspection
  • Error Proofing/ Pokayoke
  • Problem Solving
  • Lean Leadership Behaviors
  • We participated in this workshop and believe the results will be truly transformational.  Our first team who participated in the Incito Man simulation struggled to assemble a single unit in the first wave.  When we finished learning how to apply the toolset at the end of the day, we produced over 35 with many more other parts orders!

    — VP of Technology & Delivery, Health Industry
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