Using True North to Align Healthcare Stakeholder Messaging: Clinical, Administrative, and Regulatory

true north in healthcare

While I work with companies across industries, few organizations have as much at stake around communication as hospitals. Not only does communication impact their financial performance and regulatory compliance–but people’s lives are on the line. Consider the case of one hospital that was restructuring their entire community through lean initiatives and, until recently, were experiencing issues communicating the same message across their network of vari
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How Lean Strategy Can Take Manufacturing Leadership to the Next Level of Performance

lean strategy and manufacturing leadership

If your company leadership isn’t engaged and leading the charge on lean initiatives, it’s impossible to make the strategic gains you need to be competitive. This was the undercurrent at a meeting I recently attended with a manufacturing company that wanted to reduce their waste and increase profits. Frankly, the situation was one we see all the time--when the company first implemented lean techniques, they were facing many challenges
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Increasing Profits by Reducing Rejects: How OEE Lean Consulting Can Improve Quality Assurance

OEE lean consulting to reduce rejects

As a consumer, there is nothing more frustrating to me than buying something I’ve been looking forward to owning, only to have it break down soon after. It could be the digital music player that doesn’t turn on or the vacuum cleaner that fails to do its job. Whatever the item and whatever the cause, when a consumer is disappointed in the quality of a product it creates a cascade effect. The experience damages their perception of the b
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Can OEE Consulting and Software Turbocharge Your Manufacturing Productivity?

oee consulting

As a consultant, it’s challenging to see good businesses--and the people behind them--struggle to find their footing in an evolving landscape. Yet, recently I worked with the CEO and COO of an established company that provides many jobs in their county and is an economic backbone of the community. The local manufacturing plant has been in business for 20 years, but lately, productivity has taken a nosedive, and management has been looking for an effective way to gauge and address
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