Lean Tool 5s: What You Need to Know

5S, or lean manufacturing as it’s more commonly referred to, is the five-tiered process of taking the error and aggravation out of your production. It promotes and improves efficiency, management, organization, and more, all through adaptive methods that can be applied to any business.

5S Isn’t Industry-Specific

Certain applications of 5S may be more hands-on, but these tools can be utilized in any industry. Improving cleanliness of your workspace, morale of your staff, and maintaining quality while reducing time spent, are all products of utilizing 5S. These five S’s stand for:  
  • Sort everything out
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    How You Can Leverage 6 Sigma Tactics Today

    6 Sigma tactics allow you to detect and defect inefficiencies and unnecessary components to your business process management through data utilization. In order to properly achieve a 6 sigma tactic, one that will benefit your business process management without any drawbacks, you need to ensure that any and all defects are handled. Here are three methods to apply 6 sigma tactics to your workplace. 6 SIgma tactics
    1. Client Loyalty Increase
    You want to retain your clientele/customers, just as any business would. If you’ve ever
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    Top Five Kaizen Tools in 2018

    Kaizen tools are all about improving your performance while minimizing costs wherever possible. Your Kaizen strategy determines your growth; the principle belief is that everything can be continuously improved upon. You need great tools to develop your efficiency; here are the top five Kaizen tools to utilize in 2018.
    1. Hoshin Kanri

    Designed to include employees from ever tier of your workplace hierarchy, Hoshin Kanri is focused on action instead of simply setting goals. In a nutshell, it has you ask yourself “How are we going to get there?” instead of just “Where do we want to be?” When you put the momentum of your entire organization behind your efforts, the fundame
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    What is 5s?

    Everyone has questions about what 5s stands for, what it represents, and how it can change your business. Here’s a breakdown: 5s stands for five words in Japanese. Those words are: Seiri Seiton Seiso Seiketsu Shitsuke When roughly translated into English, they stand for the following: Sort Set in Order Shine Standardize Sustain 5s is a system that works for numerous companies who aim to minimize waste, cut costs, all while bringing the same excellent product and brand standard to their customers
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