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If 2020 and 2021 have given you and your company time to reflect on where you’re going, it can be helpful to think about transitioning out of the pandemic and into a place where your company culture is reflective of the vision you have for your future in business.

If you’re a business leader or CEO interested in boosting the productivity of your employees while empowering them to discover new solutions and work more agilely in the way they respond to customers’ needs, it may be worth looking into lean leadership workshops or lean learning. That being said, what exactly is lean leadership, and what can you expect from attending lean workshops as a business leader? Learn more about lean learning workshops below.

What exactly is lean learning?

At its core, lean learning is all about continuous improvement. Business leaders need to be able to inspire themselves and others to be constant learners, since process improvement is all about learning new methodologies and finding new value streams. That being said, if you’re not experienced in the lean process already, it can take some work to handle a lean transformation. Everyone’s lean journey is different, and part of being a lean leader is being able to collaborate cross-functionally in meaningful ways. By demonstrating your commitment to continuous improvement, you can not only improve your value stream by lowering costs and better serving your customers, but you can also inspire morale by illustrating to your employees that their ideas and professional development is valid and important to the growth of your company.

Aligning your team to these sorts of lean principles involves really learning about them in an in-depth learning session or workshop. After all, outside of their general definitions, the principles of value, value stream, flow, perfection, and pull have specific meanings within the context of a lean transformation. Getting more insight into how these lean tools impact your business process can be critical if you truly want to adopt a lean thinking approach and have your team members become practitioners as well.

How can a workshop help you become a lean leader?

In order to truly become a lean leader, you need to take a lean workshop or two in order to really understand what the best practices are, as well as how to live out those best practices. Becoming a change agent for lean transformation for the first time means really practicing and diving deep into the act of lean management, and so workshop participants are able to get these sorts of skills and start connecting the business impact they may have through interactive, hands-on corporate training. The lean concept is both a mindset and a skill, and having a solid learning environment to really discuss and further build your knowledge of lean manufacturing through interactive workshops with simulations, case studies, and skilled practitioners is critical to the development of your skill.

A workshop also provides a learning environment free of distractions and disruptions, so that you can focus on better understanding what it takes to be a lean practitioner. Additionally, being able to attend an interactive workshop with other business leaders can help you better see how these new skill has applications in a variety of areas and even obstacles. Many people learn better through workshops, simulations, role-playing, and other kinesthetic approaches to teaching, so finding an environment where you can do that kind of work and really take its lessons to heart is crucial.

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Now that you understand the role of lean learning and attending a lean workshop, you’re probably interested in taking a training session. Whether you attend an online workshop or find a way to access other lean learning resources, starting your lean journey is an important step if you truly want to transform the way your company achieves its business objectives by adopting a continuous improvement culture and encouraging continuous learning in all departments. Contact Incito today to learn more.

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