Mr. Tom Reed promoted to Director of Mid-Market Consulting


Mr. Tom Reed brings over 30 years of global leadership experience in leading several Lean Enterprise Transformations across a wide spectrum of industries.  He has been instrumental in leading teams of consultants in the implementation of enterprise wide support across several countries.  Tom has coached executive teams in the development of their strategies, managing cultural change as well as their professional personal developments.  In addition, Tom has a natural ability to coach team members and middle managers in the execution of a daily improvement, thus establishing a culture for Daily Improvement.

Tom has been appointed to Director for Mid-Market Industry.  He will be leading the efforts in developing and servicing our mid-market client base with the highest degree of service and value.   The mid-market is a client base with diverse needs that requires the highest degree of value.  In addition to servicing our Mid-Market clients, Tom will be responsible for the expansion and growth of the Incito Consulting Group’s Lean Learning Institute. The Lean Learning Institute is comprised of our Lean-Six Sigma certification programs as well as a comprehensive curriculum for Lean and Six Sigma courses that covers the Healthcare, Public and Commercial sectors in multiple languages.

“Being an authority in his own right in the Lean consulting industry, Tom brings to our organization a unique blend of Lean Enterprise Transformation and Leadership Development experience.  Tom understands the real needs of the mid-market clients and is second to none in developing customized consulting solutions that meet client needs and deliver breakthrough performance within their budget.   We are very excited to have Tom join our organization!” – Steve Montes, Executive Vice President

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