About Us

Incito Consulting Group is an award-winning global professional services firm and an expert in Lean Enterprise Transformation. Our Team of award-winning coaches bring decades of expertise and have been instrumental in driving business transformation for a wide range of industries and organizations across the globe. We have worked with some of the world’s most influential businesses, large and small, and some of the most promising startups.

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Our Services

image Insight
  •  True North Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Transformational Design

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image Inspire
  • Engaged Culture Development
  •  Lean Leadership System Development
  •  Lean Learning Institute

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image Transform
  • Lean Enterprise Deployment
  • Operational Excellence (5 Step Deployment)
  • Lean Organizational Design

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Our People

Our consultants drive monumental change through their blend of extensive business acumen and Lean Six Sigma pedigrees. The Incito Consulting Group’s experienced professionals bring deep vertical expertise that goes far beyond developing decks and analysis – we get our hands dirty.

Our team of award-winning coaches bring decades of expertise to the Toyota Production System and have been instrumental in driving Lean Enterprise Transformation for a wide range of industries and organization across the globe.



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