Lean Consulting

Incito has worked with countless Fortune 500 companies to improve their Lean Processes enterprise-wide.

Incito’s lean management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical opportunities and issues, such as marketing and strategy, organization and operations, advanced analytics, corporate finance, technology and digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and sustainability across all geographies and industries. Known for our deep, functional expertise and holistic perspective, we take pride in capturing value across boundaries and between department silos. We will work with organizations to optimize the sum of their parts and make the most out of what they offer.

How Lean Principles Will Transform Your Businesses

You will improve your overall efficiency.

Efficiency improvements are synonymous with waste elimination in lean consulting. We will work with organizations to pinpoint and eliminate excess resources. As team members eliminate waste from all of their processes and resources, their productivity and production rates will skyrocket.

Realize improved production quality

Companies will also experience improvement in production quality when working with lean consulting firms. Removing unnecessary resources and processes will make it easier to focus on perfecting inventory and identifying issues in quality production.

Benefit from a streamlined management framework

Lean principles will also help companies establish a set framework for operations and communications, making management more streamlined than ever before. In addition to helping companies learn and establish concise management methods, Incito consultants also provide insight into which areas of the business need improvement. Teams can use this advice to create a more straightforward management style.

Reduce barriers to greater growth

Finally, companies can reduce barriers to growth and success by partnering with lean consulting firms. Working at maximum efficiency makes it easier to see how resource allocation can be done to further growth. To understand how this works, let’s say a lean consultant can help cut production costs by 10 percent. That 10 percent can then be used to expand into new markets or promote additional growth in current markets, for example.

  • With Incito, they had the capabilities, energy, passion, and tools to unite my team. With Incito, we were able to bring our team together and agree on a unified vision statement.

    — Thomas Snyder | President of Silgan Containers

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  • Incito looks at a transformation with the culture first. The Incito team was really good about blending in, allowing us to be who we are, while still bringing in new concepts that we could fit into what we do. They taught us how to implement the processes and trained us to become Lean experts.

    — David Moore | President of Rex Moore

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  • There's a lot of opportunity in our industry to improve with Lean. It was comforting having Incito walk through our foundry, and specifically nail a couple of ideas where we could improve in their short first visit. Incito was right, because we tackled those areas and had some big successes.

    — Mike Emmerichs | VP of Operations at Pacific Steel

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Ready to get started with your Lean Transformation?

Incito Consulting is ready to help transform your business.

Incito offers a variety of services around Lean Consulting

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Lean Learning Institute

Incito’s Lean Learning Institute equips participants with the skills they need for a journey to lean thinking. Drawing on proven adult learning methodologies, our Institute offers a range of interactive workshops that provide participants with the knowledge and incentive to deploy Lean Enterprise Transformation across multiple industries and organizations.

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Lean Workshops

The Incito Lean Learning Institute offers a wide variety of interactive, inspiring, and insightful workshops that give attendees the skills and philosophy to align their companies to lean principles. Besides giving attendees personal insight and hands-on experience into lean transformation, our Lean Workshops will also help teams understand how lean principles intersect with their own continuous improvement goals.

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Lean Leadership Development

Our Lean Leadership Development service trains existing and future leaders, partners, and change agents to adopt lean organizational methodologies and culture. Drawing on decades of experience with the Toyota Production System, we help clients find lean initiatives that suit their leadership skills.

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Lean Supply Chain Consulting

Incito’s Lean Supply Chain Consulting helps organizations eliminate weak links from their supply chain. We use our expertise in Lean Six Sigma to streamline the decision-making process so that you can quickly fix problems and implement backup plans.

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Lean CEO Training

Incito’s Lean CEO training teaches how to effectively deploy lean methodologies throughout an enterprise. CEOs will learn various business, leadership, and cultural systems, such as Truth North Vision and Philosophy, Organizational Design, Continuous Improvement, and Globalized Standardized Work for Leaders.

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Incito-Man Lean Simulation

Our hands-on, live Man Lean simulation shows participants how to systematically implement lean to drive operational profitability and effectiveness. We also demonstrate how lean implementation can create customer-driven processes. Attendees will learn about the history of Lean and Lean Six-Sigma integration, problem-solving, defining value versus non-value-added activity, and more.

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Lean Balanced Scorecard Design

Lean Balanced Scorecard Design helps companies create key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with their company vision. Team members will learn how to use the Balanced Scorecard methodology to ensure that their activities generate positive results and serve their overarching mission.

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