What to Expect with Six Sigma Training Workshops

When deciding if a corporate workshop will truly benefit your company, it can be crucial to know what to expect from the training itself. This can be an especially significant factor when considering engaging in Six Sigma Training Workshops. There is a multitude of information to comprehend, which increases the need to know exactly what to to expect to gain from such in-depth training. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge of Six Sigma training and what to expect is the ideal way to move forward with the best training practices for your corporation.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is built on the foundation of step zero, Six Sigma Leadership. From there, five additional DMAIC steps build on one anothe
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What to Expect with Management Consulting in San Francisco Bay Area

Business sector is booming in the San Francisco Bay Area. This includes everything from tech and manufacturing to healthcare and pharmaceuticals. With so many companies on the rise, it’s becoming ever important to utilize the right resources to successfully grow and make your company stand out. Partnering with with a some of the best in management consulting in the SF Bay Area is one of the top ways to stand out. But many are left wondering, what exactly is management consulting?

Management Consulting In a Nutshell

When it comes down to it, the purpose of management consulting is to help businesses improve. This may mean improving performance, organization, profitability, strategy, operations or any and al
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Six Sigma Training Workshops: How They Can Help Your Organization

All organizations need a boost from time-to-time. Sometimes processes become sluggish and outdated, and sometimes they were never set up properly in the first place. When room for improvement is spotted, one of the best ways to make it happen is through Lean Six Sigma training workshops. This may sound like just another industry buzz term, but Six Sigma training is about building a foundation for your company as a whole, not just some trendy quick fix that only focuses on small element.

The Basics of Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is actually five DMAIC steps that build off the foundation of step zero, Six Sigma Leadership. The additional five steps include:
  1. Define - drill dow
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How to Achieve a Lean Supply Chain

We all vie for a tighter schedule, less waste, and an optimized workplace environment with fewer errors, but few know how to properly achieve it. We make it simple. Here are a few basic steps on how to achieve a lean supply chain.

Minimize Waste

The beginning of the process starts with eliminating unnecessary costs. When you’re wasting money, products, and time, it all reflects poorly on your revenue and the end result. It prevents proper brand and company growth, putting your production processes in a rut. The first step it to eliminate or minimize your waste.

Utilize Modern Tech

Workplace applications and integrated systems allow you to come up with quick
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